You can find the Jukebox SDK on github here:

This contains all the files you need to integrate Jukebox into the Unity Game Engine*. In order to start using Jukebox, clone the repository, or downloaded it locally, and then follow the instructions here to integrate it into your game.

The Jukebox SDK currently contains the following components:

  • unity/plugins/windows/jukebox.dll: the windows plug-in for Unity
  • unity/plugins/mac/jukebox.dll: the Mac OS-X/Mono plug-in for Unity
  • unity/demo_code/minimal.unitypackage: the minimal plug-in wrapper scripts needed to integrate Jukebox within your game
  • unity/demo_code/full_example_app.unitypackage: a simple demo application illustrating how to integrate Jukebox within your game


*NOTE: currently Jukebox only supports integration with Unity; though we are working to support other game platforms as well.


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