In order to be able to create playlists you need to be signed up with a Jukebox developer’s account.

Apply for your account by going to the main Jukebox site here:

When signing up to use Jukebox audio within your game, make sure you tick the check box marked ‘I am a game developer’

Please Note: your account does not automatically activate as we are currently limiting access to the pre-release system. If you have been invited to try out the system, then after registering please email us at and we will activate your account within 24 hours.

If you haven’t been invited, but are interested in using¬†Jukebox then please email us anyway – we will be very happy to hear from you, and will try to give you access; however, this may not always be possible as the system currently only has limited capacity.

Once you have registered, but are waiting for activation, you may look around the site, but will not be able to create any new playlists or publish any playlist tokens.

You will be contacted by email once your account is fully activated; and from that point you can start creating and using playlists within your game.


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